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History of Property in Mexico

1917- The Constitution of 1917 proclaimed that all land in Mexico would either be ejido (communal) or owned by Mexican nationals only. Ejido land was given to every village in Mexico and could not be sold. (Agrarian reform law?)

1971- Foreign Investment Law Originally established

1973- A constitutional amendment known as the Foreign Investment Law allowed foreigners to purchase real estate anywhere in Mexico, except the restricted zone. The restricted zone consists of areas within 100 km (64 miles) of international borders or within 50 km (32 miles) from the coastline (at high tide).

1976- The government of Mexico established the Human Settlement Law for the regularization of land development and, in essence, eliminate property development chaos.

1992- As a result of a constitutional amendment to Article 27 of Mexico's constitution agrarian parcels can not be sold or conveyed to foreign purchasers or Mexican nationals without the ejido first being privatized. This process is known as "regularization". (or privatization)

1993 (December)- Mexico amends the constitution to allow foreigners to purchase real estate within the restricted zone by means of a fideicomiso (bank trust).

1994- The NAFTA trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico is passed. A constitutional amendment allows corporations to be 100% foreign-owned. (A corporation may own property in a restricted zone without a fideicomiso).

1998- October- Foreign Investment law amended again.

2001- The Agrarian Reform law is trashed.


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