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Restricted and Federal Zone notes

Federal Zone: (aka: zona federal, restricted zone, prohibited zone and the forbidden zone) Sounds like something off of Star Trek.

Mexico has had a constitutional prohibition on foreign ownership of land in the "restricted zone" since 1917.

Foreigners can not own property within the Restricted zone which consist of:

1) 50 kilometers (35 miles) along all of Mexico's coastline.

2) 100 kilometers (65 miles) along all of Mexico's natural borders.

(What about Rivers?)

Article 6 of Title Two specifies that when in doubt on whether real property is located within or outside the restricted zone, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, on consultation with the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Data Processing, shall decide as appropriate.

Article 7 of Title Two provides the notification procedure which interested parties must give to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, they are:

1) The location and description of the real estate.
2) A clear and accurate description of the uses to which the real estate in question is destined.
3) An ordinary copy, in annex, of the public instrument, known as an "escritura", that records the formalization of the acquisition.


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